Jan 25th, 2024

Casestudy of Techeir

UI/UX Design
Web App Development
Logo Design
Technologies Used:
React JS
Next JS


Techeir is an online higher education platform that offers various courses and programs in partnership with universities and industry experts. Founded in India, UpGrad provides courses in fields such as Advanced Certification in Software Testing, Advanced training in Data Science & Machine Learning, Professional Certificate Program in Business Analytics, Java Full Stack Development Course, US IT Staffing, and Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Course, among others. The platform aims to provide quality education and upskilling opportunities to professionals and students, helping them advance in their careers or transition into new fields.

Problem Statement

The earlier iteration of the Techeir website, developed several years ago, suffered from a lack of intuitive user interfaces and engaging experiences, resulting in user frustration and disengagement. Navigating through cluttered interfaces posed challenges for learners seeking relevant courses, compounded by outdated designs that failed to effectively capture their attention and interest.

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Design Approach

We kicked off by adopting a user-centric approach, diving deep into comprehensive research to truly grasp user needs and preferences. Our attention was then turned to refining navigation, ensuring clear labels and a logical flow for a seamless user experience. Next, we crafted a sleek and intuitive interface design to heighten engagement and facilitate effortless course discovery for learners. Finally, we remain committed to continuously gathering user feedback to refine and enhance the website's usability and effectiveness iteratively.


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UI Design Screens

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